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Film 18 ++

Film  18 ++
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"Raka (Samuel Zyglwyn), Cyclone (Duke) is very loving Chanisa (Stevanie Nepa) and Helen (Leylarey Lesesne), they are four teenagers who united by fate, expressing love in its own way, and living with a style that is free, so that they are so appreciated value of true love, friendship also. Hurricane and Raka's stubborn, and tend urakan brutal. Campus party had often warned them, but never ignored. Cyclone Parents also problematic, his father, Hilman (Arie Sudarsono) is gay, and his mother, Retno (Wulan Guritno) become a housewife who always stress knowing the condition of her husband, the lack of venting his lust with a masturbation Retno. Realizing the situation his family is a mess, Hurricane busied herself to caring for her boyfriend Chanisa diseased lung cancer. Typhoon always get interference from Nayla (Arumi Bachsin) girl ass beautiful soul power though fragile, so the relationships are often intimidated by typhoons and Chanisa Nayla.
Cyclone is very loving and protecting Chanisa, while Raka put hearts on Chanisa friends, namely Helen. Through a long struggle, Laurence and Helen finally dating. Unique events like crazy and they had shared. Chanisa a more chronic illness, eventually taken to the Hospital Cyclone. All examinations and hospitalization costs of Hurricane should provide money to make a very large, for the recovery of Hurricane Chanisa must find the money. Laurence did not want to see his friend sad and ready to do anything for it. Raka who like to oversimplify the problem, eventually borrowing money at loan shark with a refund deadline week. Laurence gave the money to the Hurricane. When the time is running out, Raka received threats from Romi (Rangga Djoned), one gang member moneylenders, involving Helen who will become victims if Raka not reimburse with interest when the deadline arrives. Hurricane and Raka make money by trying to break into the ATM, at the time of his Romi with gang raping Helen.
Raka was devastated to see the condition of the menggenaskan Helen, and took him to hospital. Raka faithfully received, and the painstaking care of Helen. Raka secretly burning resentment, Romi Basecamp came to avenge himself. But instead Raka Romi battered beaten with his gang. Hurricane, Chanisa and Helen also terrorized Romi so have to hide while waiting for Raka. After several days, Raka has not come, finally following the Hurricane. Cyclone also suffered the same fate, she was held captive along with Raka. Chanisa and Helen look forward to their lovers in the hope and anxiety .."

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